RIP Antonio Zendejas

Yesterday, one of Union City’s oldest residents, Antonio Zendejas passed away at 106 years old.

I was lucky enough to interview him and get to know his story when I shot a short video on his 106th birthday last June for Union City Patch. Zendejas was only few months shy of his 107th. I recall his birthday wish last year was to reach 110. But then again, I’m sure he was contented to had lived a full life on this earth. Not everyone can last that long. I for one definitely would like to reach that peak.

Zendejas is surived by his six children, 21 grandchildren, 43 great grandchildren and 14 great great grandchildren.

Below is the video story that shows his zest for life, family, and hard-earned work.

Here’s what one of his great great grand daughters wrote to me:

I just wanted to thank you again for your interest in my grandfather. The day that you spent talking to him and filming him in his garden and among his family was great. And then to take the time and also film him at his birthday party – that was special!
He lived a good, full, and rich life. How many people are fortunate to live so long (106) and be in good health?
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